duminică, 21 august 2011

camera video spion 4 GB tip pix/stilou, 129 lei, taxe postale incluse

1. This advanced pen shaped color video
camera and recorder adopts the latest
technology of the compact video. 2.
Single button control switch makes this
unit easy to operate. 3. The video is
captured and saved in the top portion of the pen that once separated from the
bottom reveals a USB jack for convenient
downloading to your PC. 4. The USB
connection also charges the internal
battery when connected to your PC 5.
It’s ideal for investigation bureau, law agency, hobby enthusiasts etc 6.
Continuous recording until memory is full
or manually off. 7. Color video with voice
8. Internal rechargeable lithium battery
9. Internal built-in flash memory: 4GB 10.
Playback video on PC 11. Dimension: 150mm*15mm*15mm Weight: 30g
12.Battery use time : around 2 hours 13.
Capacity of the battery: 250mA
14.Record time : up to 12h for 4GB
15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging
cable Micro Interview Recorder, Chewing gum sized , Real-time color video and
audio recording Pen mini camcorder use
as a hidden cam Real time recording in
AVI video format 352*288 resolution in
AVI format

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